The Somali Senior Center

We are an Adult Day Care Center, providing services to Elderly Somali nationals.

Kids Day Care Services

The Somali Senior Center provides  Day Care services for Kids between the age of 1 – 13

Adult Day Care Services

The Somali Senior Center provides numerous recreational services to Adults.


The Somali Senior Center provides day care services to many Somail Adults within the twin cities.


Welcome to  the Somali Senior Center. The Somali Senior Center is a licensed adult day center where personalized health care and adapted recreational activities are provided during the daytime hours. Participation in our adult day program provides you, as a caregiver, with a break to re-establish your equilibrium. Somali Senior...
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Adult Day Care Services

At SSC we pride ourselves in the service we provide to our clients. The needs of the elderly are sometimes complicated and should be handled with care. Our trained nurses and care attendants take a special approach in working with the elderly. Our program fee includes a morning snack, lunch,...
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